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Personal Training Experience – Committed to YOU!

We know that for busy “on the go” people, fitness is a necessity, not a luxury. But, if you struggle to find enough time in your day to get things done, if you’ve started a program before and stopped when things got hectic, you’re probably wondering – how will you ever find time to actually stay fit? How can you commit to a trainer when “life happening” seems to get in the way of everything? It’s actually easier than you think Make it fun, make it effective and make it a priority!

Our fitness relationships are all about you. We are committed to helping you enjoy getting and staying fit! Whether you are looking for a personal trainer or you are interested in training in a small group, we are here for you! Click here to schedule a training session to help you meet your fitness goals.

About Jessica

Jessica Barragan believes passionately in a holistic approach to fitness, wellness and to life. As a Certified Personal Trainer and advanced Lifestyle Weight Management Counselor through the American Council of Exercise, she motivates clients to live a full, functional and healthy lifestyle. She loves inspiring people of all ages and fitness levels to achieve their health, weight and fitness goals.

Jessica also enjoys working with women who are pregnant, want to become pregnant or who have young children. By creating a specialized fitness regiment, she can help them achieve strength and stamina to improve fertility, ease childbirth or simply have the energy to help chase toddlers around the house.

With her background in Muay Thai kickboxing and circuit training, Jessica will personalize a fitness program for you. She loves making an impact within her community and enthusiastically sharing her zeal for health and wellness with all who are looking to begin an adventure towards a better and more fit future!


If you have a wellness goal, Jessica can help you accomplish it in a small circuit gym setting, or in the comfort of your own home (mobile training is available when schedule and travel ability permits). She believes that everyone should have the opportunity to live their best life, sleep their best sleep, and function with strength of body and mind.

One-on-one training is available as well as small group training and specialized classes (i.e stretching, foam rolling, EFT Tapping, Core blasts, and Intro to boxing as well as Boxing blasts.) If you’re interested in learning some new techniques or need more tools for your toolkit, let her know!
Jessica Barragan, Personal Trainer
Jessica Barragan, Personal Trainer

Her Philosophy

I believe that fitness should be both fun AND effective. Let me inspire you to find the program that is right for you. My passion for full body and mind health can inspire you to find your own balance to better handle life’s ups and downs—fitting better in your jeans will be just an added benefit.

What I can help you do:

  • Find an exercise program that inspires you, keeps you challenged and engaged in pursuing better fitness
  • Increase your energy level by re-channeling stresses into toning your body and achieving greater mental alertness
  • Achieve greater confidence in yourself, improve your posture, and find the fun in fitness

Body conditioning, circuit training, strength endurance and flexibility training,toning up, partner and group circuit blasts, boxing and kickboxing for cardio and stress reduction, corporate fitness and group exercise classes, cardio workouts, core training, lifestyle and nutrition coaching, and finding fun ways to vary your fitness routine.


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