Frequently Asked Fitness Questions

Q: How can I incorporate an exercise routine permanently when I’m so busy?

A busy work, social, and personal lifestyle is one of the biggest obstacles when it comes to fitting exercise and nutrition into our lives. One of the best pieces of advice that I can give to my clients is that when it comes to your physical, mental, and emotional health? You MUST be ready to schedule it into your daily planner. Whether it’s a 15 walk around the block after dinner with your kids, or a long walk with your dog after or before work. Everyone can schedule in a couple of 30 increments of fitness into a busy week, but it must be a priority. The positive aftereffects will outweigh the beginning annoyances of a new healthy routine! Increased energy! Increase in strength and improved sleep! How can you turn those down? The confidence in yourself and your own body (inside and out) can be yours whenever you decide you’re ready.

Q: How long will it take to see results?

You will get the results you want based on the effort you put in! I can help to push you in the right direction, and will push you to reach new strength and fitness aspirations, but by adhering to the fitness program, and keeping an eye on cleaning up food and making good nutrition choices; you will see results within 4-6 weeks, although an increase in energy and strength can be seen and felt in just a few weeks!

Q: How important is Nutrition?

Good nutrition is as much as a priority when it comes to gaining Health and Wellness as physical exercise. Why workout if you don’t eat well? Why eat well if you don’t workout? These two components go hand in hand when it comes to fueling a healthy and active body. Without the proper nutrients, a workout can feel more painful, you will have less physical and mental stamina, you will feel more weak, and have less energy. Fats, Proteins, Carbohydrates, and proper hydration can aid in making your workouts easier and more efficient! Your body needs all those things to keep your muscles, heart, brain, and organs working at their top capacity. It’s easier than you think to learn and implement some new dietary habits and substitutes. Let me point you in the right direction!

Q: How can I find a trainer that’s right for me?

Interview each trainer you are considering and use our guide “Choosing the Right Trainer for You Checklist,” available as a downloadable PDF right here on our site!


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